The father of Frederic, Nicolas Chopin, was born on April fifteen, 1771 in Marainville, of François Chopin, and Marguerite Deflin.

        It is into 1926 that one found the birth certificate of Nicolas Chopin, the father of Frederic. At the 17 years age it leaves France to be established in Poland close to Warsaw.
That crosses short to the debate which opposes the partisans of a Frederic Chopin Polish, to those of a French Chopin.
On several occasions Nicolas thinks of regaining France but each time, the disease prevents some. Little by little its social situation develops. He becomes tutor in the Skarbek family where he becomes acquainted with Justyna in 1802.

        Both share the same taste for the music, and are attended during four years. In 1806 they decide to marry. It is not strictly speaking the love at first sight, but their union is harmonious and happy. At that time they leave for Warsaw.

        Become civil servant of State, Nicolas has an excellent reputation.
In December 1806 victorious Napoleon enters to Poland. Regarded a time as a saver by Polish, even most enthusiastic go quickly déchanter.

        Once the peace concluded with Russia and Prussia, Napoleon created only one duchy of Warsaw.

Comment la Pologne entra dans la vie de Chopin

Justyna et Nicolas Chopin
          Frederic Chopin officially was born on February 22, 1810. On its baptismal certificate the French nationality of his father is still clearly indicated.

        One can read “born on February 22, 1810 of Sieur Nicolas Choppen (sic) French”.
Frederic is the second child of a family of four. He has three sisters, Louise born on April 6, 1807, Isabelle born on July 9, 1811, then Emilie born on November 20, 1812.

        Frederic will spend his the first twenty years to Poland, and its heart beats initially for Poland. “Poland and Poland alone! ”. Chopin was born in Zelazowa-Wola. As of the autumn the 1810 family settles in Warsaw, which counted at the time more than one hundred thousand inhabitants.

Sa date de naissance
     On the historical and political level, years 1812-1813 will see the last act of the Napoleonean wars on the Polish ground. In February the 1813 Russian troops enter to Warsaw.
Situation historique et politique
     This agitation, leads them to move for the suburbs of Cracow, where the Chopin increase their boarding school. Many children living far from Warsaw require to be allowed because, although expensive, the boarding school of the Chopin is famous for the quality of its administration and exempted education.

        In family, the Chopin speak Polish, even if French and German appear in the program of the boarding school.
As of his more young age, Chopin shows himself impassioned by the piano. He spends the hours under the clavichord when his mother plays. At the six years age one finds a professor to him.


  Adalberg Zwyny
        It is about Adalberg Zwyny, born the same year as Mozart, in 1756. It is thus 60 years old when Chopin receives, its first piano lessons. Zwyny is rather obsolete, he does not love the “modern” type-setters and prefers Bach and Mozart to them. It will communicate to Chopin, his passion for these two type-setters.

        Zwyny with the intelligence not to oppose the aptitudes of its pupil. At eight years Chopin composes his first Polish, and the review of Warsaw of 1818 notes: “A true genius from the musical point of view ....... can this article remind the reader, that our country can also give the day to geniuses”.

      It is ten years old when it plays in front of the Large Duke Constantin, brother of the Tsar.
Frederic works his piano every day while intercalating between his fingers of the pieces of wood to arrive at the agreement of tenth.

        By chance it stops quickly, and thus escapes the accident which deprived Schumann of the use pianistic of its right hand.

        Chopin is twelve years old and does not have already anything any more to learn from the Zwyny old man.
From 1823 to 1826 Frederic enters to the college, in class of fourth and becomes acquainted with his friend Titus. It is attracted by the literature, the history and the theatre. It spends the summer to Szafarnia, in the family of a classmate, in pension at the Chopin during the school year.

        During these three Chopin years does not have a piano teacher, but compose of many small works, including one Polish in minor G sharp, published after its death.


Chopin par Ary Scheffer vers 1826
            During the year 1825, Chopin is described as better pianist of the city, and it publishes its first number of opus “the Rondo in minor C”.
In 1827 it is registered with the academy in class of harmony and counterpoint. Its bulletins of appreciation make it possible to note the progression.

1827: raise 1st year, particularly gifted. (death of Beethoven)

1828: raise 2nd year, aptitudes exceptional. (death of Schubert) 1829: raise 3rd year, aptitudes remarkable, musical genius….etc…

         During the year 1827 his sister Emilie falls ill and dies of tuberculosis on April 10, 1827. Dark predicts for Chopin? After the death of Emilia which was only fourteen years old, the Chopin move and give up the boarding school which they had directed for seventeen years.

These three years 1827-1829 correspond to its first successes of virtuoso.


Chopin en 1829

It also composes of the “variations on a German topic”, a “rondo with the mazur” opus 5, waltz, Polish in minor D, the night one as a semi minor (posthumous).

These works will make say to Schumann: “Low Hat, Sirs a Genius”.

Polonaise en Ut # mineur op 26 n°1

Its compositions remain however almost only dedicated to the piano.
It composes all the same a trio for piano, violin and violoncello, the sonata opus 4, but that efforts to yield with the tradition.
In September 1828 it goes to Berlin, where it listens to 5 operas, and the desire takes it to travel to test its talent near the large foreign Masters.

The idea to travel will not leave it any more, until its departure for Vienna.