Still very ravaged from his failure with Marie, Chopin receives the visit of Liszt and Marie d' Agoult. George Sand accompanied them.

        It was not the love at first sight, and after their Chopin departure known as:

“It is antipathetic this Sand! Is this well a woman ? I sometimes happen to doubt it. ”

Chopin thus did not make any effort to approach it. She lived in her small castle of Nohant during the summer, and the winter returned on Paris.

   The park and the Castle of Sand à Nohant
          In January 1838 Balzac goes to Nohant, it tells its visit in these words;

“I found the Sand comrade smoking the cigar after the dinner,….she had doubled her chin like a canon, and not only one grey hair in spite of her misfortunes….she works enormously… she lie down at six o'clock in the morning and rises at midday….she was unhappy with Musset and she condemns the marriage and the love….she is not pleasant, she is boy, she is artist, large and generous, devoted, pure .....”

Here is thus the brushed portrait makes by Balzac in this winter 1837-1838.

George Sand ( caricature )
        In this spring 1838, George Sand goes several times to Paris. 

It re-examined Chopin. They suffered both too much, to launch out in a new adventure without mistrust.

Chopin remained quiet on his disappointments in love, but the music informs us of its secret dashes.
Twelve studies COp 25, impromptu the COp 29, four mazurkas COp 30 .....

Étude op 25 n° 1

     At Sand, the first confidence of its new passion is found in a letter addressed to a friend, then with a close friend of Chopin with whom it writes: 

“The great question of the love thus is still raised in me…” 

This sentence is drawn from a letter of eight pages. Sand called to the Count Grzimala to who it is addressed that it will take him six weeks to decipher it.

    She also adds: 

“it was necessary me to cherish or die”….“it is my ultimatum”. 

and she concludes while adding: 

” as for the small one (Chopin) it will come if it wants "….

George Sand at the time of their meeting
       The tone maternalist and the qualifiers of Sand with regard to Chopin have what to surprise. Sand wants to be before any nursery school and protective. The nature of their relation is thus distorted as of the beginning.
Their connection lasted nine years, but their intimacy, perhaps just a few months.

        It is thus, and the fragile health of Chopin is not there for nothing.

        Already a few years earlier, Musset wrote at the time of their rupture: 

“you believed yourself my mistress, you were only my mother.” 

    And George to answer in her diary: 

“Ah! poor fellow you are insane! O my poor children which your mother is unhappy! ” 

She still says: 

“I need to suffer for somebody, I need to nourish this nursery school solicitude, which was accustomed
to take care on a suffering and tired being.” 

One does not change so quickly. Chopin still dreamed with the shade of the young girls in flower, and this lady was six years old more than him..