While arriving at Marseilles, Chopin and George take again hope. They decide to wait the summer in midday. At the end of a few days Chopin can start again to go and to speaking.

        He sleeps much, and the remainder of time deals with the edition of its works. In March 1839 the Nourrit singer commits suicide in Naples. To honour his friend, Chopin holds the organ during the funeral service which takes place in Marseilles.

        In May, Chopin and Sand make the voyage to Genoa. They visit the palates, the gardens, the tables. Sand had already made the same voyage with Musset four years earlier, but Chopin will not know anything of it. 

It is perhaps the only moment of real happiness which them love knew.

        On May 22 it leaves Marseilles for Nohant. In full shift of Berry, this small castle will make it possible Chopin to find his forces, to work with the calm one. It is there henceforth, which it will compose and spend the summers.

  The countryside around Nohant
        Chopin forever liked the countryside, and yet it will be accustomed to Nohant. The house is comfortable, one is there at ease. 

        After Majorque and Marseilles it is a pleasure of being with the broad one. 

Doctor Papet by learning their arrival comes to examine the basic patient in roof. It orders rest and a stay prolonged in the countryside.

        Chopin is done easily with this new life. The friends come them to visit, him and Sand, and to dine the evening. It finishes its second sonata, with the funeral march.

        The last movement of this sonata finishes on a short passage where the two hands “chatters in unison”. 

Every evening Chopin devotes one hour to George for the music.


The living room of Nohant
        For Sand, it seems that passion in love already disappeared. She lives with him and observes it. 

For the amateur of emotions which it is, he is a source of inspiration. It opens a book and takes notes while he plays of the piano.

        Towards the end of the summer they regain Paris. 

        They seek both a separated apartment, but not too far one from the other. Once the found apartment, Chopin worries now about his clothing.
It seems that after all the tests that he crossed he taste with the most futile things begins again. In October 1839, Chopin and George settle in Paris each one in their apartment. Quickly Chopin gives up his housing and comes to live in George. 

        The afternoon are devoted to the work of the two artists. Chopin improved his works whose idea had often spouted out during the summer.
He was locked up, going, crying, breaking his feather, changing hundred times a measurement…

        In October 1839, king Louis-Philippe invited Chopin to come to play for him. Chopin electrified his audience. He was entitled to the royal compliments.

        Year 1839 was completed better than it had not started. It will remain the year of the preludes, the masterpieces of Chopin.
In 1840 and 1841 Chopin composes rather little, some waltz and imagination in minor F.

        Spring 1841 he grants to play in public at Pleyel. It is Franz Liszt who gives us the report in the musical gazette:

“It was not a virtuoso whom one intended, that one wanted to see, nor an expert pianist in art to make notes, 
it was Chopin.”

Chopin by Delacroix

At the summer 1841, they set out again for Nohant with the firm intention to work. Chopin and Sand receive the visit of Pauline Viardot, but Delacroix declines the invitation.


Nocturne n° 13 op 48 n° 1


        During the winter 1841, Chopin gives two concerts, one with Tileries and the second in the Pleyel living rooms. The success in the concert Pleyel room, in February 1842 is considerable.

        On May 5, 1842 Chopin and Sand leaves bets for Nohant where they will spend their holidays. 

        Little by little having different personalities, Chopin and Sand cling on details. Very delicate Chopin does not support the drinking bouts and the bursts of laughter coarse at the friends of George, he prefers the company of Eugene Delacroix, and Sand finds transport of Chopin, morbid. 

He is sulky, is locked up in his room and only comes out from it to dine. This time it seems well that the love completely disappeared from their connection. 

Written Sand:

“Friendship of Chopin…” or “our history with us, did not have anything a novel”.

        It worries especially about its health, always its with dimensions maternalist.

And now “the small souffreteux one”, “the dear corpse”, as named it its main nursery school, only feels.


         During the autumn 1842, Chopin and Sand leaves the street Pigalle and will settle Square of Orleans.

In this end of the year 1842, the life of Chopin starts to drop by a tone.

Year 1843 occurs without major event. The winter was rigorous, and Chopin fell sick several times.

Chopin about 1844

        The following year, on May 3, 1844, his father died in Warsaw. Chopin was destroyed during several weeks.

George writes with the sister of Chopin to invite them to Nohant: “You will find my dear child quite weak”. 

The joy of seeing his sister gave again forces to him.

         During the summer 1845, it composes three new mazurkas and outline the barcarolle. 

It is at that time that the difficulties emerge between Chopin and George Sand. George always had weak for her Maurice son whereas Chopin has took the party of Solange, the girl of George.

            Several arguments burst between Maurice and Frederic, followed often difficult reconciliations. The relations between George and Frederic become very tended.

        The summer 1846 will be the last that Chopin will pass to Nohant. Maurice became adult and it clings constantly with Chopin.

        Solange is an odd, cold girl of spirit, brilliant, lives, but probably distorts and underhand. A long time ago that Chopin is attracted by the Solange mystery. She tries to charm Chopin, by little games not always innocent.

        Of all that it is Chopin who suffers more. The nervousness increases between Sand and Chopin, the disagreements also. This end of summer 1846 is stormy. Now George put himself at the head to marry Solange.

        Following a pitiless argument between Chopin and Maurice, this last threatens to leave the house and his mother lines up of sound with dimensions. Then it is Chopin who leaves. Nobody retains it. 

As of November wrapped in covers, it gets into its barouche, makes a sign of the hand as a good-bye. Nobody included/understood of them the direction, him either.



It was going to enter death!