“Few events, plenitude of happiness…” 

        Thus the newspaper of Robert and Clara starts. Thanks to his intimate notes (the newspaper was a practice at the time) one will be able to follow the life of our two musicians, the pianist and the composer.

Robert and Clara in 1840


        Between Clara and Robert complicity is perfect, not only in love but also in Article As of the first days of their union Robert undertakes to form according to his tastes, the culture of Clara which had suffered from education psychorigide of her father.

        Clara had not almost read anything. It initiates it in Byron, Shakespeare, and of course in Jean-Paul. With Robert, she studies the symphonies of Beethoven and the runnings away of Bach.

        Harder is the sacrifice than it must make when Robert composes. The household has only one piano and Clara must be erased to leave the place to her husband. When it cannot play during several days of continuation, its newspaper reflects its concerns as for its career.

        The year 1840, will be the year of the Lieder. It will compose some more than 130, i.e. more half of its total production during all its life. With the Lied and the couple piano-voice, Schumann is carried out fully, always divided between poetry and music.

        Finally free and happy, Clara and Robert receive the loved beings among which, the mother of Clara and the friends close Mendelssohn and Liszt to only quote most famous.

        He writes his first symphony “spring” creates by Mendelssohn and Imagination op 54, creates by Clara in Gewwandhaus which will become the first movement of the concerto in the minor, op.120.


Le Gewwandhaus vers 1840

        Sometimes holding to with it more, Clara leaves in round. It is the case in February 1842, six months after the birth of their first child.

        Schumann accompanies it by concert in concert, as in Hamburg where he says to him goodbye because his wife leaves to conquer Copenhagen where she will remain two months. These rounds, Schumann will always hate them. It with the impression to be with the eyes of the listeners, only the husband of the virtuoso and feels humiliated. 
Finally thanks to a reciprocal friendship, Robert sees himself entrusting a post of professor of piano and composition as of the opening of the academy founded by Mendelssohn.

        In February 1843, it meets Berlioz, of which it had ardently defended the music, whereas Mendelssohn found it “swine”. 

The visits of Liszt were also a real happiness. Schumann dedicated a frank admiration with the talent pianistic of his colleague, and their friendship could even resist a quarrel which opposed them in connection with Mendelssohn. 

Schumann caught Liszt by the shoulders and shouted to him:

“Which are you thus Sir, to allow you to speak thus of a Master like Mendelssohn! “